Kaito’s Sexy Schooling

Since adorable little Kaito became part of the Japanboyz stable, he’s been learning his way around, being schooled by the older, more experienced guys. Well, sometimes the student brings something to class for “show and tell” that teaches something new to the teacher. Kaito comes into Ruito’s room with a new find. It’s a jerkoff sleeve he wants to try out with the more experienced top stud. Unwrapping the new toy, Kaito goes to work on Ruito by yanking down his tight undies and sucking down his big hard cock. While Ruito strokes his dick, Kaito slathers on a blob of slick lube, then puts an extra bit inside the sleeve. Sliding up and down the length of Ruito’s tool, he leans in for a kiss. Ruito returns the favor with a juicy slobber on Kaito’s knobber. Then he slips a milky white sleeve over the head of Kaito’s raging woody.

Jerking each other with the slick sex toys on their cocks, the two Asian horndogs work up to a steamy passion. Kaito leans forward with his ass up for Ruito to drill a wet finger into. The young bottom backs his booty onto the invading digit with a groan of pleasure. Sex toys are fun and all, but there’s nothing like the real thing. Ruito plows his stiffy into Kaito’s hungry butt and grabs his nips for an extra thrill. He rams in from behind, then fills that hungry hole from underneath, with Kaito happily riding. He strokes Kaito’s dick with the sleeve still sliding along. As the screwing gets hotter, Kaito takes charge of his dick and starts beating off. Ruito pulls out to shoot a sticky splash on his tight abs. Rocking his head back, Kaito cums with Ruito’s finger up his ass. What did we learn today class? Toys are fun for boys, but men’s own tools are a lot more fun!