Kenchi Takes Tomoki’s Tool

New boy around the Japanboyz stable, long, lean Kenchi is a “tall drink of water.” But standing under the jets of a warm relaxing shower with Tomoki, he’s THIRSTY–for the feel of Tomoki’s stiff cock up his butt. He twiddles Tomoki’s nips as he moves in for a kiss. Both young horndogs reach to stroke the other’s dick. They lather up, and Tomoki pays special attention to rubbing the crack of Kenchi’s ass. He kneels to slurp Kenchi’s cock before they rinse and towel off. As they stretch out in bed, Tomoki teases Kenchi’s hole with a dildo as he nurses on Tomoki’s tool. Tomoki makes sure to help himself to a taste of Kenchi’s thick woody. They 69 as Tomoki tickles Kenchi’s booty with a twist of the dildo. Kenchi leans in for a mouthful of Tomoki’s cock, fucking himself with the dildo as he gulps the stiff tool down.

Rolling on a condom, Tomoki eases in to Kenchi’s opened asshole. Kenchi flexes his tight cheeks and bumps his butt back into Tomoki. He climbs into a squat, grinding his ass onto Tomoki’s hard meat. Lying banack with an ass full of hard pumping cock, he lets Tomoki take charge. It’s getting hot in here to keep up this close tight screw. Tomoki pulls his dick out as his hot bottom bud milks a load across his lean abs. Kenchi gets to watch Tomoki squirt a big splatter across his chest.