Tied Up Tuesday 5: Suspended Disbelief

For most of us, being tied up and immobile, left alone in a sex club would be quite a nightmare, but for Zed Sheng it’s a fantasy come true, and one that’s about to take an even more sizzling turn. Ty Roderick walks in to see bound-up Zed and starts the fun. He reaches down to fondle Zed’s thick package, kisses him, then guides Sheng’s mouth to rim his musky hole. When he turns to face his tied buddy, Zed dives toward his crotch and sucks him with gusto. Once Ty is so stiff he needs to heat up the action, he drops his jockstrap, pushes him into a bent-over position and plows his bareback cock in deep and rough. Arms tied behind him and suspended by a rope from the ceiling, Zed is perfectly positioned to take a hard raw screwing. Ty holds his sweaty jock over Zed’s nose, feeds it to him to hold in his mouth during their hot tight fuck. Grinding in even deeper and tighter, Ty braces himself, hands around Zed’s suspension ropes. His heavy nuts smash into Sheng’s smooth crack as his cock rams in again and again. Zed threads a leg through the suspension ropes to lift his leg up and his ass wide open. These two horny kinksters are ready to blast. Ty pulls out to squirt a thick splatter down Zed’s crack and throbbing hole. Untied and lying on the floor, the tied-up muscleboy sprays his sperm into his palm and licks up the drips.