The Pleasures Of Natsume

Out on the street, “hunting,” comes across a cute twink. Asking if we could interview him, this 22 year old college student agrees and follows us back to chat about his sexual proclivities; you know I’ve got my fingers crossed. Natsume answers that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and “hesitates” about whether his preference is for girls or boys. He does agree to do a solo today, and maybe “more tomorrow.” Starting with a nice shower, he strips; a very nice body and uncut dick is warmed and worked. Back on the bed in his underwear, Natsume touches his bulge.

Pulling out his stiffening dick and stroking, his lips and cheeks intensify in color. Working the foreskin back and forth, Natsume slips his underwear down and grabs his sack. With his nipples hardening, the camera “heads” south. Using some lube for heightened pleasure, he is mesmerized by his “handy” work, as are we. “Wetting” his areolas, Natsume massages them and gives them a bit of a pinch. Licking his lips and jerking faster, he is getting close; his body responds to the sensations. Gasping, Natsume oozes out a white load of cream, which bubbles down his hand and onto his groin.