The Muscles of Kento

WARNING: to enjoy this performance, you might want to turn off the sound until 19:10; sorry but the videographer forgot and left his mic on. Now, as for Kento, this hot Japanese boy has got what it takes, twice over. “The Muscles of Kento,” is a sexy jerk off video that begs to be “interactive.” If you want some “background collaboration,” turn the volume on at 4:35; the cameraman seems to be a hard worker, but not when it comes to doing Kento.

Kento uses his phone to play a little video as he strokes; “I’ll have whatever he’s having, ‘cause damn.” Watching this stud’s 6-pack tighten and release has got to be one of the sexiest boys “we’ve had” in a while. As Kento continues to work his “magic,” his legs also start to stiffen and ease. His cheeks also brighten as he warms to the experience. Fuck, did I mention this boy has muscles? Kento’s body needs to be displayed as a National Treasure. I “wood” also point out he’s one of the more well-endowed models on

Adding a bit of spit to his head, Kento continues to stroke himself and enjoy the show, as do we. Watching his cock and balls bounce as he jerks, Kento is in the zone and working toward a “happy ending.” Tugging from tip to taint, he is getting closer. He adjusts his body, relish those lats, nice. Getting a little help from some precum at 11:20, Kento begins to pant; again, apologies from the cameraman; I would spank him, but as you can hear if your sound is on, he likes to be tapped.

Kento’s hips start to lunge to meet his thrusting shaft; he breathes heavier. At 13:49, Kento precums again. With his body glistening from the sweat, Kento closes his eyes; just imagine the “tails” he’s acquired. FYI: at 14:56, the “climax” of the cameraman’s pairing occurs, but our boy keeps tugging along. Licking his lips and flexing all those gorgeous muscles, Kento rolls over and blows a beautiful juicy load that seems to drip on and on; reminds me of the drooling that occurs when I watch this video.

Spent, Kento works in the “rewards” of his hard work, all over his 6-pack. As he sits up, he gives a sexy grin to the camera; this boy is still erect. As he wipes himself off, Kento manages to express a bit more nectar from his head. Now wait for it; at 22:28, we get a scrumptious view of Kento’s hole; oh this boy’s got to come back so I can have someone cum on his back. Kento even cleans up the extra splooge on the mat. By 22:35 the show is done; hope you enjoyed Kento and his “muscle.”