Solo Employee Boy

Meet 19yo Hisoka Botan. Well, if you saw Big Cock Boss Barebacks the Trainee, you’ve already seen him. Now we get to watch and listen in on his first interview. A bit more “up close & personal.”

We start out with Hisoka sitting on the bed talking with the cameraman and can see and hear the clicks of the camera going off from the photographer. As the interview continues, the cameraman reaches in and feels Hisoka’s chest and nipples and slowly piece by piece, the clothing starts to come off.

When Hisoka takes off his pants, you can see his erection through his underwear. No doubt the boy is excited to be there! I’m not sure if it was the cameraman playing with his nipples or what, but Hisoka definitely brought his “A-game.”

As Hisoka takes off his boyish looking underwear, we get to see what I call a “pretty young cock” and even the cameraman makes a comment or rather a “ohhh.”

Hisoka is all natural, no manscaping and rock hard. The cameraman jumps in and lends a helping hand stroking that nice young cock and then has Hisoka get up on all 4’s on the bed so we get a bird’s eye view of his ass. A couple of twitches from Hisoka as the cameraman rubs his ass and plays with his hole gives us the impression Hisoka is either ticklish back there or really enjoys his ass being played with.

Now turning over and laying back on the bed, we actually get to see that Hisoka has some nice low hangers. And that cock is just “yummy” to look at!

The conversation between Hisoka and the cameraman continues while he starts to tug on that hard cock. Then Hisoka starts to play with his nipples while he jacks off and the photographers camera starts clicking in the background. Sure wish we remembered to get the English captions included in this video. I’d love to know what they’re talking about.

The scene goes quiet as Hisoka continues to jack himself off on the bed. The cameraman makes his way all around the bed from every angle making sure we get a front row seat to watch the action.

Hisoka is still laying on the bed jacking off but we see him looking off at something now. Whether it’s a porn flick or another guy jacking off, I’m not sure. One thing is for sure, whatever it is he’s watching put him over the top. We see his balls tighten up and legs stiffen, some grunts and groans and then Hisoka serves up some fresh milky white jizz. The cameraman says something, the two laugh and then Hisoka takes a taste of his own cum. It would seem as though he’s never tried this before but sure looks like he approves of the taste!