Shou Tsuyoshi and Ryota

Shou is up for us today and will do a solo. Well, not exactly a solo. With Tsuyoshi, a solo is never as it seems. Tsuyoshi has brought some toys with him; Shou’s hole will get a workout along with his cock. Now, the title of this video is “Shou, Tsuyoshi and Ryota;” I wonder how the “Ryota toy” will be used? At, Tsuyoshi is always filled with surprises, that’s why our members love him so.

Shou is such a sweet, gentle boy that when Tsuyoshi asks him to take a piss, he does a nice golden shower, right through his cute white undies. He then rubs his crotch as he smiles; massaging his wet underwear will put smiles on our members’ faces as well. The camera pans up and down his lovely tight body as he pulls his drawers down and tugs. Moving his hand over his balls and dick, Shou comes up hard and happy; he also flicks his nipples for our added pleasure.

Shou showers off and resumes masturbating. Ah, here comes Ryota, one of Tsuyoshi’s “toys;” he begins to suck on Shou. Soon, Shou is panting. The two move to the bed; Shou licks on Ryota and then moves into a nice 69, so they can both enjoy a shaft. The camera zooms in on Shou’s oral work, and Ryota’s nice sized cock. Ryota swallows Shou whole. Tsuyoshi enters the scene with other play things he has brought. He works an anal stimulator into both Shou and Ryota’s asses; both moan in delight.

Tsuyoshi’s next toy has two heads and he wants to put two holes on the ends of it; Shou seems fine, but Ryota cannot get the hang of it, so both of them work on Shou. It takes some time and as we watch Ryota suck Shou’s nipple as Tsuyoshi stimulate Shou’s dick, these two work well together. Tsuyoshi then has Shou jerk himself; within minutes he orgasms, loads of jizz ooze out and wet his groin and pubes. For a solo, this was a hot three-way.