Fuji Puts Kurisu To The Test

We met Kurisu in his casting video (solo) a couple weeks ago, now it’s time to find out if he’s got what it takes to be a regular Japanboyz model. For his first anal scene, we paired him with Fuji and the director let him know that Kurisu doesn’t need to be treated with “kitten gloves.”

They start out with some kissing and a little armpit licking along with groping that leads quickly to Kurisu getting to know Fuji’s “male member.” It becomes obvious that Kurisu knows his way around the male anatomy.

Now Fuji’s turn, he lays Kurisu on his back and rims his hairy ass before grabbing some lube and works his fingers in to gauge his partner. Although Kurisu is still very nervous in front of the camera, watching these two together, it’s easy to see they are having some fun.

Once Kurisu feels ready, Fuji slides on a condom and mounts Kurisu from behind to start. From there, Fuji takes Kurisu on an adventure he won’t soon forget. Ready to unload his balls, Fuji lays on his back and jerks while Kurisu sucks and plays with with Fuji’s nipple. After seeing Fuji’s thick creamy load, Kurisu is quick to follow and cums on his pubes and happy trail and they head to the shower.