Fresh-Faced Yu Yuki

New faces are always welcome at Japanboyz, especially one as fresh and friendly as Yu Yuki. Built, hung and handsome, he’ll have the other models lining up to do an action scene with him. He’s 33, but it’s hard to believe. A bit shy, he blushes a little when the cameraman guesses that he fucks a lot of guys. A small-town boy from Shizouka, Yu moved to Tokyo when he was hired to model in porn. He’s excited to be part of Japanboyz, a well-known popular site that features uncensored action. He aspires to be more like the most popular models at Japanboyz, like Hiroya and Ryuji. But we think you’ll agree Yu Yuki’s fine, just the way he is.

Once the small talk is over, Yu Yuki settles back on the bed and gropes his thick package sensuously. His cock is barely covered with a pair of silky see-through briefs, and he ditches them to get at his big stiff rod. Grasping a nipple, he lets out a long deep breath as he spreads open his cheeks and fingers his smooth, perfect hole. He slides in a black bumpy sex toy, and the cameraman is happy to lend a hand,then a couple of fingers. Smearing some slick lube across Yu’s crack, the cameraman pushes him to the edge. He kneels on the bed and strokes for real. His tight nuts pull up into firing position and he spurts a thick creamy wad across his smooth tight abs. Still sensitive, he groans happily when the cameraman reaches in to feel his cummy dick.