Zombie Cum Suckers Ep 2: Cum Into My Web

Jack Hunter and David Ace are the (un)lucky invitees to a mysterious sex party arranged by the zombies. When they comb the hallways looking for other guests, David spots Zario Travezz, inhumanly sexy in 70s leather stud regalia, and follows him into a sling room. Once the action heats up, Jack peers through the cracked-open door for his own jollies.

David begins slicking up Zario’s huge cock with a juicy blowjob. Zario leads him to the sling and presses him down onto the leather. He burrows his tongue into David’s hungry hole with an inhuman drive. “Ready for this dick?” he teases, and drills balls deep and bareback into David. Deftly rocking the chains back and forth, he treats David to the ride (and fuck) of his life. David’s moans become louder and more desperate as Zario’s cock swells, fills with the toxic zombie cum. Looking up from below we see Zario’s cock plow in. Jack’s enjoying watching his love get so thoroughly reamed. But there’s a price to pay! One Zario sprays his load across David’s crack and fucks back in, he scrapes a handful of his spooge and feeds David. As the green lightning of transformation surrounds and penetrates his lover, Jack screams and flees. David pops back up from his torture with eyes shining a deep crimson. Zombified, he looks around and heads out to search for more kinky, twisted sex!