Yuu Solo

Yuu, a student, has a boyfriend who convinced him to do porn. Working himself up, he rubs his beautiful nipples; they harden in response to his touch. Stripping down to his navy blue underwear, we can see he has a lot to offer and we are able to see it at Japanboyz.com.

Flopping out of his underwear, Yuu strokes his thick, uncut cock, to our pleasure. He also keeps a close hand on his nipples. Resting both feet up on the couch, we get to see both his hot cock and pink hole. As he looks at the camera, a smile comes across his face, he has reached his “happy place.” Moving to the edge of the couch, he grips and jerks his meat hard; he fondles his underarm pit.

Licking his lips and staring at his throbbing penis, Yuu quietly pants. He then reverses himself on the couch to present himself to us. Puckering, his hole is surrounded by a slight pinkish ring, like a bull’s eye; the stroking continues as he thrusts his dick back between his legs. From below, we are able to enjoy all Yuu has to offer. He caresses his thigh and bum, as he comes ever closer.

Now atop the couch and seated, Yuu moans as his cock readies itself. His taint, balls and dick are fully swollen and red. Within minutes he squats to examine his cock, masturbating and continuing to feel his chest. Legs now on the floor, he pumps feverishly and squeezes his balls between his slender thighs; moaning and gasping heightens as he releases his hot, creamy load all down his shaft. His fingers are covered in white. It is only when the camera pans up to his neck, do we fully realize just how far this student can go!