Yuto’s Uh Oh

Yuto is a soft spoken boy, until we start chatting about guys. Apparently he’s into boys around the Tokyo area who are more aggressive with him. He says when he masturbates, he likes to use toys and fantasize about being taken. This Japanboyz.com hottie starts by lying on the bed and working his body, as though another boy had control; if you were in charge of Yuto’s body, what would you do? Helping with his desires, I use a vibrator on him, until he takes it and does his own “good vibrations.” His dick responds immediately with the tip of his penis, making a nice exit out of his underwear.

Sliding off his bottoms, Yuto “goes manual” on himself; his tight body and defined abs pop up immediately as he strokes. Wetting his lips, he moves his body into position as to be fucked; he really does enjoy being dominated. Jerking, he spews a bit onto his shaft, and keeps on tugging; guess he’s not done with you. Standing for a bit, he seems to have more in him. At one point, lying back down on the bed, more jizz comes out, and he looks embarrassed. Yuto, this very shy boy, then strokes a third load out, shit. As if to make up for the two smaller loads, he keeps going until he blows a huge pool, all over his groin. Damn, wherever Yuto is, seems like happy accidents keep “cumming” up.