You Can Smell The Connection!

I don’t know why I’m so nervous and fumbling, but Noboru has me giggling and feeling very aroused. While kissing, we undress one another; just the touch of his hand on my cock has me fully erect. I stand so he may suck me then respond in kind; his dick is perfect. Responding to my moans, Noboru fingers my hole and prepares to have me ride.

Pumping up from below, I take it all the way down to his balls; I enjoy watching his facial expressions while he hears me whimper. We switch it up, but not for long; I want to watch his body respond to my movements atop him. Within minutes, I’m pooling a thick load onto his stomach. Taking care of him, I pleasure his nipples and stroke until he blows, to his neck. Tomohisa is more than happy with our newest hot model.