What Dreams May Cum Part 2

As Haruto gauges Yura’s hole and readies to enter, both guys are coming up hard and horny. Sucking on the bottom’s cock, Haruto makes the boy squirm and moan; the sounds get more intense as the top slides in. Feeling the “girth” of the top, Yura has his partner go slow; they soon move as one. From all angles, both the boys are “fully engaged.” Stroking Yura’s cock as he thrusts, the top then turns his partner onto his knees. By the time they catch their breaths, both giggle and stare in amazement at one another; this is truly “a dream cum true.”

Back down on the bed, the bottom’s whimpers encourage Haruto to continue; the top’s sexy ass undulating is a sexy sight indeed. With more soft kissing and caressing, the pair solidifies their bond; Yura runs his hands up and down Haruto’s back. When the top pulls out, he and Yura begin to masturbate as they watch one another intensely. Yura blows first, as a huge thick load reaches up to his sternum. Smiling, Haruto follows with an equally profuse response.