What Dreams May Cum Part 1

A sweet dream can lead to some real pleasures as Yura is awakened by Haruto. The two hot twinks take their time, caressing, kissing and playing, while still in their underwear. With sensual touch and tongue, both of these Japanboyz.com models arouse and harden quickly. Haruto lies on his back, having Yura work his underarms, neck and cock. Lavishing his warm mouth on his partner, they then trade positions. Enjoy as both these hotties have gorgeous cocks that are fully engorged.

Grinding on one another, Yura sits atop Haruto, as his hole puckers with delight. Whimpering, Yura is satisfied when Haruto goes down to work his pink opening. Using a finger, Haruto lubes up and takes his time going in; exploring the very essence of his partner. Switching to a dildo, Haruto gets it ready, and then pumps it carefully into his partner; the last inch is “inhaled” by Yura’s desire. The boys continue their pairing, allowing us to share in their “dreams.”