Ume’s Beach Debut

I met this young college student on one of my trips out of town to visit family. To tell the truth, I don’t recall how the conversation got started, but ending up at the beach and filming him jerking off was the highlight of my trip. His name is Ume, a sexy straight 20yo 3rd grade college student. Ume has never had sex with other guys nor had the desire, but without objection it seems. When he told me that, I told him that I’ll have to try and book him with another one of our models.

As Ume undressed in the SUV, I was in awe when seeing his beautiful soft skinned “low hangers.” This boy has some “balls” and when he cums, it’s obvious they were full.

“It was hard” keeping my eye out for someone approaching as Ume jerked off; especially when he started fondling his balls while jerking. Damn! those are some nice low hangers and a nice cock to go with them I might add. As Ume gets close, he starts panting. His chest swells and his six pack tightens. He tells me he’s close and I pan down to see his balls tightening up. Then Ume says he is cumming and the cum just continues to erupt onto his pubes and fingers. What a mess! Ume grabs some tissue to clean up, puts on his board shorts and we head to the beach.