Three In A Tub, Ready For A Rub

Rub as you might Hiromi, Jun’s sexy tattoos aren’t going to come off. However, he might cum. Damn, just look what a bit of “elbow grease” does to Ken’s cock, and yours. Actually, all three of these models have something sexy to soap up, and suck down. With Hiromi happily in the middle, he goes back and forth “chowing down;” what an able boy. Engulfing both Ken and Jun, the guys enjoy the full-on feast. Giving himself “a hand,” Hiromi blows more than a kiss as the close-up shows.

Now on the bed and in a circle, the twinks all partake of one another orally. With mouths and faces full of cock, the camera zooms in for a “shot” of the fun. Ken and Hiromi start kissing and fondling; Jun looks on and tugs. Straddling over Ken, Jun aims himself and releases a very sexy spraying of creamy jizz all over Ken’s face. Ken doesn’t blow in this video, but don’t feel bad, his “face” is much smoother from the load.