The Yura Challenge: Round 2

Round two for has Yura, “Team Bottom,” and Takashi, “Team Top” doing a bit of self-love. They’re here today to see who has the “quicker draw.” As each guy oils up and gets “in the zone,” we can stroke along watching these sexy guys work. Yura’s got the smooth twink down; even his sexy belly tattoo is highlighted against his flat, tan skin. Takashi’s got the natural bush thing working; he’s also sporting a great happy trail that had Yura smiling from ear to ear in Round #1. As both “get after it,” Takashi seems to go for the “fishing pole” approach as he goes down the shaft and then gives a flick of the wrist before “reeling” it back in. Yura’s doing the “pinch me, I’m yours” move by mainly working the head; his urethral opening is looking like a fish out of water, but I’m sure it’s happy for the attention. Pulling the camera back, we get a great shot of Yura’s orgasm; he splatters and covers his hand like a glove.

With Takashi needing to bust his nut, as #2, we get an aerial view of the guy working his hard on for some relief. Looking for inspiration, he pulls out his IPhone and puts on a dirty movie. If I were choosing, I’d go for the Round #1 pairing of these guys. Watching Takashi take “his bitch for a walk” was hot. That must be the show because not five minutes in, Takashi has put down the video and grabs his tight ball sack; looks like second place doesn’t feel that bad after all. With a couple of nice streams of jizz, Takashi has thrown in the towel, at least it was something white.