The Virgin Part Two

It’s not often that we get to see Khan performing as a bottom (sad to say). After watching Khan in this scene, it’s definitely something we’ll have to discuss with him. As for Toshiro, he couldn’t have had a better partner for his first intercourse experience. Khan guided and coached him all the way and the outcum is nothing short of “load blowing.”

We pick up with Toshiro “gloved up and going up” Khan’s tight hole. “Best to go slow at first” Khan tells Toshiro. Filled with excitement, Toshiro takes his time; easier said than done when you’re young. Unsure of himself, Toshiro listens to Khan’s every word.

Once Toshiro is “firmly” inserted, the fun begins as we listen to Khan and experience the pleasure he feels. From missionary to riding atop of Toshiro, the two are totally engulfed. Being new to sex with a partner, Toshiro is a bit withdrawn still. Back to the missionary position, as one would expect with a youngin’, it doesn’t take long for him to unload and reward Khan with a torso full of sweet warm jizz. Khan follows suit and releases his own load adding to the already large pool of cum.

As a bonus, we added a shorter condensed version of the scene at the end. So you might want to watch the scene through to the end before blowing yours.