The Dishboy

We have one hell of a hot and horny update for you this week at Japanboyz. Tatsushi is home a long day’s work, still wearing his work uniform. Hiroto has also been doing some domestic chores, namely, the dishes. Once Tatsushi sees his sexy dish boy’s beautiful ass, he is getting hard and horny… Hiroto can’t wait to undress Tatsushi from his business suit and get down to sucking his cock. First though he has to lick some nipples, and after applying some cream, he licks all of the whip cream off of Tatsushi’s sweet nipples. Next our horny dish washer goes to town on that cock, sucking it tell it’s nice and hard.

Tatsushi then gets Hiroto up on the kitchen sink, his legs up in the air and asshole puckering for some cock. Tatsushi can hardly wait to insert his dick into that hot and wet hole, as he gives Hiroto’s Horny and Hot Hole a rim job.

Finally he inserts his hard cock and fucks Hiroto on the kitchen sink. After some good hard pounding, he moves this cute little fuckable Japanese boy to the table, where he continues to pound that ass. When he takes out his cock, Hiroto’s hole is all sloppy, wet, and wide open from the fuck.

Finally Tatsushi cums all over this boy’s sexy body and proceeds to lick all the cum up before giving him some wet kisses, cum bubbles burping in their mouths.