The Boss

With a boss like Atsushi Tanaka, one must probe further to see his true talents. As the videographer talks to him, all I can think is if he were to get naked, we could really see his abilities. As he backs up from the desk, I look forward to seeing his skills shine forth. Capturing all his manly goods, the videographer films from taint to toe to seize his essence. For, “The Boss,” snatches all of this boy’s talentsw to show bigger and better things to “cum.”

Playing with his nipples, the cameraman gets a real reaction out of him; Atsushi blushes at the tenderness and sensation he is feeling, but I know there’s a lot more to his “abilities.”Out of his underwear and erect, the videographer feels the full passion of the boy. Complementing him on his size, we can understand why he strips so quickly. His lovely cock is a magnet for the filmer, and it takes but a minute to tantalize the boy for more. Massaging his ass the videographer is happy to have a thumb penetrate Atsushi. His long balls and cock are a welcome respite from his ass. Standing, he shows the stiff attention, of a real “manager.”

Sitting, Atsushi jerks and squeezes his nipples; I join in the fun and tweak. As he pumps his dick, I must admit he is large, by Asian standards, but I would gladly take him up the ass. He continues to jerk, hopefully he is thinking of me. When he cums, I get so excited I want to blow my load, but stay professional and thank him for his “hard work.”