Takumi-Do-Me 2

Got to admit, I was nervous for my solo. But once my dick got hard, I just kept stroking, thinking of a guy fucking me. You guys know I am a bottom; having a guy finger then fuck me, feels so good. So, after I blew my load, JapanBoyz.com said I could come back and bottom. Having me back was exciting; the plan was for me bottom with two guys. Both Tetshi and Ayumu came to the hotel room; they are so sexy, but in different ways. Tetshi was on me from the start; I do enjoy a top taking total control. Ayumu has lots of muscles, but is less aggressive. As you can see; once Tetshi took control, I stayed hard until we finished. He was kissing and sucking all the rights spots so I just rolled on top of him and rode him for a while. Whenever we changed positions, Tetshi would slide back in as quickly as possible, stroking me. And when it came to me cumming, he fingered me until I blew. Ayumu was pretty much pushed aside when Tetshi and I fucked. They scheduled me again and this time with Manabu; his rippled body turned me on. We had a great time together because he really liked to fuck me deeply. After, I enjoyed us jerking together and him shooting his load onto my stomach.