Tagteaming the Straight Boy 2

Chugging along, we just keep rolling as Khan fucks into Yura, who is well-planted in Abe. All three of these hot twinks seem to be having fun, even Abe as he strokes the legs of Yura. Needing a moment, after getting it from both ends, Yura catches his breath and then all three ebb and flow, again. We go “behind” to get a great shot of the boys. As Khan rocks his cock into Yura, the boy can’t seem to control himself and moans loudly; I’m sure those are cheers of joy.

Working every angle of Yura’s hole, Khan gives the other two a bit of one-on-one time. Within minutes Yura pulls out to stroke a nice load; he “delivers” all the creamy goodness onto Abe’s belly; I’m sure that’s a first for Abe. Khan now goes into Abe directly and adds his “own style” to the mix. Pulling Abe’s ass onto his dick, Khan settles into a nice rhythm. He then flips Abe over, and varies the thrusting motion before adding more lube. Getting close, Khan pulls out and tugs, leaning over Abe’s body. As he cums, a steady stream of jizz is blow all the way up Abe’s torso.