Sora Solo – Tokyo First Timer

New to porn and, today we have Sora Shima. He is a shy boy from Tokyo who wants to try being on film for us. Tsuyoshi interviews him and helps him through the process; Tsuyoshi is very hands on, as we have all enjoyed. The twinks chat and then it is time for Sora to undress and impress, and he does.

As he unbuttons and removes his shirt, we see a nice clean chest and sweet pink nipples. He then removes his jeans and sits prone, in his salmon colored briefs, stroking his dick and watching himself. As he looks down, his wet bottom lip falls forward and pouts. He then stands and does a 360 to give us a hint of what’s below; looks like his lips are not his only assets.

Tsuyoshi then takes control to jerk and palms Sora’s hardened dick. Sora lies still but continues to suck and bite his lips; Tsuyoshi does have great hands. As they both start to breathe heavily, Sora’s head reddens and he moans; this encourages Tsuyoshi to intensify his abilities. Soon, Sora’s back is arched and his legs fall open; he did say he was a bottom.

Joining in on the fun, Tsuyoshi sits atop Sora and they masturbate. Watching Sora’s dick, Tsuyoshi quickly places them together and begins docking and thrusting his own hips. It is not long before both are on the edge and releasing together, succumbing to the pleasure. They unload as one; thick, sweet liquid shoots and oozes out and lands on Sora’s stomach. I did tell you, Sora does have a way of impressing. Next time, we’ll see what other assets he wants to share.