Shou Tsuyoshi and Ryota 3

These three talented boys go right to the good stuff, Shou’s moaning. Tsuyoshi takes care of Shou’s hole while Ryota sucks the boy’s dick, lucky Shou. On this video of “Shou, Tsuyoshi and Ryota #3,” enjoy all the close up action and hot scenes to cum. This is what you get when you combine boys and toys and what it really takes to satisfy a guy, batteries included.

Using a dildo on Shou is just not getting the job done for Tsuyoshi, so he brings in his own large toy to accommodate. In a hot doggie position, Shou sucks Ryota while taking it from Tsuyoshi, happily. After sliding in, Tsuyoshi tops in his sexy aggressive manner. From below, we see the nice pounding action as Shou is fucked and sucks. Shou reaches below Ryota and, as the camera follows, we can’t help but be envious of Ryota’s toy in his hole, lucky toy.

Tsuyoshi has Shou backup onto his cock in order to change positions; it’s great to see Shou so hard and so willing. He is a great bottom. Tsuyoshi then pounds his partner from below; Shou’s dick wags in delight. The boy then takes over and rides Tsuyoshi, hard. Back on all fours and presenting his gaping hole, Shou looks so sexy that Tsuyoshi can resist; he thrusts in again. Rolling over to his back, Shou takes it from his partner as Ryota sucks Shou’s nipples.

After a bit more pumping, Tsuyoshi pulls out to insert an anal stimulator in Shou and then goes back in with his cock, as well. Shou’s passionate yelps only serve to arouse Tsuyoshi more as he uses “his favorite toy” on the boy. The camera catches a nice tight shot of Shou’s hole, complete with stimulator. Tsuyoshi pulls out, only to stick in another stimulator as well. He then pops them both out and enjoys the view. Shou and Ryota are put together, cheek to cheek so that they may receive a facial from Tsuyoshi. As Tsuyoshi masturbates and cums, both boys get jizzed on the kisser, lucky lips.