Shou and Tsuyoshi Part 2

Tsuyoshi helps prep Shou for a photo spread in, I’m thinking after the photos, Tsuyoshi will be prepping something else for a shoot.

Shou looks hot as he rubs his cock and nipple. I’m sure Tsuyoshi is not far off, keeping an eye on Shou’s cock. When he removes his jeans, we can see Shou’s nice budge. All the clothes come off and Shou’s sweet thick cock sticks out, apparently ready for action; he has a really gorgeous dick and beautiful balls. As he masturbates, his toned stomach ripples with each stroke.

In the background, we hear someone taking a shower, ah it’s Tsuyoshi. As he towels off, he watches Shou; when Shou sees Tsuyoshi’s naked beautiful body, he starts to finger himself. At first Tsuyoshi is just happy watching Shou, but he then decides to get in on the fun and asks Shou if he can join in. Shou gladly accepts Tsuyoshi’s hand, on his cock. Instantly Tsuyoshi has Shou moaning and panting. The boys both sit down, Shou on Tsuyoshi’s lap; this allows Tsuyoshi full access to Shou. Whinin a few minutes, Tsuyoshi has Shou spread his legs so he may be fingered. I angle the camera down to catch all the anal fun, I also notice Shou is much more aroused, two Asian twinks are better than one.

Shou continues to moan and Tsuyoshi lends a hand; he then steps away to watch Shou masturbate. Alone, Shou soon loses interest in being by himself and again wants Tsuyoshi’s helping hand. Tsuyoshi has Shou lie on a towel, on the floor. Tsuyoshi takes over stroking; Shou’s dick stiffens quickly and he returns to moaning and panting. I also see Tsuyoshi’s cock is hard; Shou grips the towel he is lying on as he shoots. A creamy white load squirts onto Shou’s groin area; the boys kiss, but I think Tsuyoshi’s hard on also needs to shoot, stay tuned to; more to come.