Shosei Of Osaka

Shosei is a very sexy twink from Osaka, who likes to chat before he “plays” for us. He says he’s bi. When it comes to guys, he prefers a masculine type. Shosei lets us know he is versatile and just does whatever feels right; I think we’d all like to “feel right” with this honey. He is very open about himself and seems very personable; has found yet another boy that is really “entertaining.” As he starts to massage his body and work on his nipples, Shosei leans back and seems relaxed masturbating for us; by the time he removes his jacket and shorts, his cock is already “hard at work.” This “Champion” has what it takes to satisfy not only himself, but anyone else he chooses.

Sliding his hand into his underwear, I get the “feeling” he is packing a large amount of fun between his legs. Pulling out a perfect cut cock, thick and begging to be sucked, Shosei’s ball sack is equally enticing. With his nuts “dancing” as he strokes, we are all enjoying this “tango.” Getting closer, Shosei lies on his back and presents a pristine boy body, accentuated with a “bit-oh-fur” where it counts; anybody else wanting to floss right now? Thrusting his hips and tightening his torso, Shosei is close; the added arousal of his pants and deep breathes is intoxicating. Massaging his balls and cock, he shoots a large load that not only “wets” his hand, but also covers his nipples all the way down to his groin. Shosei relaxes and recovers from his intense “tactual” fun; an enjoyable experience shared by all.