Reach’s Bare-athon Fuji Fuck

Hunky Japanese muscle stud Reach is hunkering after a hookup with one of the Japanboyz, and he needs them to give him a raw dick. Bareback is his way, slick skin to skin contact. And who better to give Reach just the no-condom dicking he needs than original Japanboyz superstar Fuji? They start with a hug and a kiss, a few nipple tweaks and twiddles, suck each other’s stiffies, then get down to the hot horny business at hand. Man’s man Reach wants a top fucker who can keep up with him stroke for stroke, and nobody’s better than Fuji.

Once Fuji slides his cock into Reach’s muscle butt, he’s not stopping for a long, long time. It’s a raw fucking bare-athon, starting slow and deep, turning over to reverse cowboy, doggie style, gradually speeding up to Fuji’s signature move, the fast and furious machine gun screw where he rams his cock in at lightning speed. Reach moans and howls his approval, and holds out his own sticky splash until Fuji cums first. Fuji JUST manages to pull out in time to drench Reach’s ripped abs in juicy cum. Reach beats his cock and matches Fuji’s load with a big splatter of his own. They giggle at their perfect hookup and fall into each others’ arms, fucked-out and happily exhausted.