Kosuke Rams Ramu

With his dark eyes and mop of thick black hair, along with a hefty cock and a lean smooth body, Ramu’s quite the adorable twink. Kosuke sure can’t keep his hands, mouth or cock off the handsome 20-something. And That makes this hookup a real pleasure for the palm of us spectators. Sitting up in bed in their brightly-colored briefs, the two lean into a sweet little peck of a kiss, but this is just a formality. Kosuke wanders down to Ramu’s nips and inevitably to his stiff cock and we’re OFF to the races. Ramu nibbles at Kosuke’s nuts as he watches his buddy’s dick swell with appreciation. Ramu sees something he wants, and soon he’s Straddling Kosuke, guiding that big cock straight up into his hot, tight love tunnel. As Kosuke sits up, Ramu wraps his arms around and grinds his booty on the thick tool that’s buried balls deep inside him.

Now it’s Kosuke’s turn to steer the XXX action, plowing into Ramu from behind. As his pubes slap into Ramu’s smooth crack the twink groans with delight at every hard thrust. With Ramu on his back with legs spread, Kosuke pounds in, headed for the big splashy finish. But for this date, they want something a bit more mutual, lying side by side stroking their hard woodies. Kosuke blasts his wad first, with Ramu chewing his tender nips. Then the twink lies cradled in Kosuke’s muscular arms, milking out his own happy load of the ultimate satisfaction.