Kazuki Starts With a Kiss

Kazuki lies in bed next to Gou, kissing him tenderly. He pulls down the sheet and begins nibbling at Gou’s chest, then climbs on top and grinds his crotch into the young stud’s. Sniffing at the crotch of Gou’s blue briefs, he gently gives a tug and pulls them off. He nestles the stiffening dick in his hand then goes in for a mouthful.

Gou props his head up to watch through squinting eyes as Kazuki slowly slurps on his cock, licks gently around the head. Gou returns the favor and yanks down Kazuki’s white jockey shorts. Keeping it steady with a hand around the nuts, Gou sucks Kazuki’s prick sensuously, only stopping when Kazuki rolls him over and climbs on top. He lifts and spreads his ankles wide as Kazuki runs his tongue down towards his ass, using little sucking kisses to drive Gou wild with desire.

Kazuki’s lubed fingers probe into Gou’s sensitive hole while he jerks his cock with the other hand. Gou’s ass yields and opens to the stimulation and Kazuki is ready to plow in. He caresses Gou’s nips and cock and holds him close in another deep soul kiss as his cock head rubs against his buddy’s juicy slick hole. Rolling on a condom he lifts Gou’s legs and lets his dick slide in.

Gou’s legs wrap around Kazuki’s hips as he moans with deep satisfaction. Kazuki starts stroking him and Gou pulls closer. He gets down on hands and knees for Kazuki to pump straight into his hot horny butt. When they turn over for Gou to ride his cock, both start speeding up toward a juicy climax. They breathe quickly in little pants as Gou’s cock overflows into a creamy puddle on Kazuki’s chest. Kazuki squeezes his cock and milks out a splatter onto Gou’s belly.