Jacks in Ace’s Hole 3 – David and Rave

Long-haired, edgy Rave Hardick is well-known around PeterFever after his turn as the game leader in our recent SexPigGames series. He’s a tall, lean drink of water, with a giant cock barely in proportion with his skinny physique. No wonder cockhound David Ace has chosen Rave as the next Jack in the deck to take his rightful place buried balls deep in Ace’s hole. Rave gets a juicy wet blowjob from Ace that has his cock twitching and ready to fuck. These two Asians are bristling with untapped sexual energy. Rave rams in raw, just the way David likes it, wielding his trophy cock to fill David’s hole to the brim with cum-dripping bareback dick. David bounces his booty back into every rough thrust, and soon Rave is teetering at the edge of a cum blast. He splatters Ace’s hole with a redhot layer of musky male sperrm, slides back in to shoot some more and stir it around David’s hungry ass.