Hideaki Goes For Gou

Veteran model Hideaki is all smiles today when he’s paired up with lean sweetie Gou. he kisses and licks Gou’s nipple then goes in for a deep long kiss. He gently pulls Gou’s cock out from his yellow undies, then pulls them all the way down. Gou watches intently as Hide goes to work on his dick and balls. Hide sucks in his cheeks as he swallows down the stiffening cock, then they embrace and roll over so Gou is on top.

Hideaki’s gray shorts come off and the two guys knit their fingers together. Gou slurps on Hide’s tasty pole, finally taking it all the way down to the fuzzy pubes. Opening a bottle of lube, Hideaki squirts a big blob onto his fingers and works on all the way into Gou’s tingling butt. Gou’s dick responds as Hide stirs around inside, bobbing up to attention.

After a kiss, Gou gets onto hands and knees and Hideaki kneels behind, lets his cock open up his buddy’s tight hole. Starting with small strokes, he feels Gou loosen and throb with enjoyment. Now he can pump harder and fill Gou’s ass all the way. Gou pants for breath and moans as he backs his butt into Hide’s thick cock.

Hideaki turns onto his back for Gou to ride, cautiously at first, then fast and deep. Hideaki starts stroking away on Gou’s cock and the young man sprays his load while he’s getting fucked. Hideaki pulls out and beats his cock till a thick creamy splatter adds to the gooey puddle on Gou’s tight abs.