Fuji Fucks the Masked Man

Japanboyz resident stud Fuji has a kinky surprise for his date with Ryo. He reaches out to offer Ryo a stretchy black mask and soft fabric cuffs. They play out a masked man fantasy for a little added spice. Fuji runs his curious hands over the “mysterious stranger’s” hot lean body and bulging crotch, kneels down to take that bulge into his hungry mouth. His tongue slides up from nuts to tip as he works down the masked man’s briefs and worships his rock-hard tool. The stranger is happy to oblige and slurp down Fuji’s swollen cock as well.

The masked man has a sexy butt and crouches face down on the bed. Fuji can’t help but dive in for a long musky taste. He lubes up his fingers and probes in one at a time, then two fingers in. The stranger’s satisfied smile encourages Fuji to give him more. His condomed cock slips in smoothly, and he starts thrusting in deep. The stranger reaches his cuffed hands above his head, gives his buddy free rein to fuck as hard as he wants. Fuji reaches around to stroke the masked stranger’s thick straight cock while he screws. He drills in from behind. The stranger perks up his ass to meet every thrust. He’s getting close to spraying his sticky load. He climbs on and rides Fuji like a rodeo cowboy, sucking on Fuji’s tongue through his black mask. Flicking his buddy’s nipple, he milks Ryo’s cock till he shoots a thick splatter into Fuji’s beating fist. Now it’s Fuji’s turn to squirt his sperm onto the black hooded mask. He peels off the cummy hood and leans forward to give Ryo a sweet kiss.