Cuffed & Stuffed

Using some nice fetish suction cups, Hisoka controls the action on Makoto’s areolas. Adding some kink and leather to these twinks seems to “fit” them well; Makoto, who will bottom, looks good enough to “serve on a platter.” Cuffed and both “growing” on one another, Hisoka moves the cuffs to his boy’s ankles. Able to “open up,” Makoto whimpers at the anal sensation, and the finger fucking. Even though the bottom boy is restrained, you just can’t keep a “good man down.”

Released for the moment, Makoto takes advantage of Hisoka’s sensitive nipples, now enlarged, as well as his huge bulge. With both hotties hard and ready, the top slides his cock in to “fill the bird.” Wanting to make sure Hisoka gets his fill; he re-cuffs his partner and fucks him in several positions. Only when the top is ready for his boy to shoot, does he jerk Makoto’s cock until it spews. Adding his own “gravy,” Hisoka then tugs and blasts onto his boy’s twink body.