Camp Naughty Pines 4: Trailer Trash Welcome

After his whirlwind sex tour of the sylvan wonderland of Camp Naughty Pines, you’d think Nolan Knox would be all fucked out. But when hot daddy Damian X. Dragon peers out the door of his trailer to announce “It’s time for your initiation!” the college boy’s libido shifts back into high gear once more. Wasting no time, Damian strolls over and grabs Nolan by the swollen crotch, drops down to get a mouthful. Just to be neighborly, Nolan’s quick to return the favor and take the tatted daddy’s pole deep into his throat.

Damian lubes up a finger or two and explores Nolan’s tight pucker. He stands broad-legged behind the twink and pops his raw cock in. Nolan groans and backs into the thick tool. Sitting on a wooden bench, Damian leans back for Nolan to climb on and ride his dick. Back inside the teal blue trailer, the two horndogs grind their gonads and asses together in a rough no-holes-barred fuck. Damian grabs Nolan by the hips and drills in balls deep. He pulls out to drench the college boy’s crack with hot daddy spooge. Panting and sweaty, Damian welcomes the hot initiate to Camp.