Akira’s First-Time Bottoming

It would be hard to find a Japanboyz model more even-tempered and happy-go-lucky than veteran performer Akira. He’s sweet, polite and always seems to wear a big smile. This time, that smile turns into a few grimaces and groans, as our boy Akira takes on his first cock as a bottom. But he couldn’t choose a better, more patient and friendlier top than lean, handsome Ruito. They start out leaning against each other as they kneel on the bed with puppyish expressions on their goodlooking faces, holding hands and sharing a welcoming kiss. Ruito starts out slow and lets Akira get used to every step along his bottoming journey. Nipple licks turn into 69-ing each other’s cocks. Ruito strokes Akira’s to get his horny and ready for more action. The excitement is a bit too much for Akira, who dribbles down a premature load, but there’s more where that came from. Ruito slides his hand through the creamy sperm as Akira takes hold of his buddy’s swelling dick. Ruito slides down and takes the cummy tool into his mouth, patting and playing with Akira’s booty. It’s getting to be time to try out that virgin hole.

With Akira on his back holding his bent legs up and apart, Ruito positions his raw slick dick against his buddy’s twitching hole. Akira tosses his head back with a nervous smile, determined to take the whole tool in. Once his ass relaxes, his smile broadens as Ruito leans in to kiss him. Akira rolls over to all fours and lets his buddy take charge of his ass. Slow and sensuous at first, Ruito speed up his thrusts and goes deep as Akira can take. Akira rises up onto his knees and Ruito wraps his arms around his shoulders to hold him closer as he drives in balls deep. Anxiety turns to pure pleasure, and Akira even climbs on to ride Ruito’s stiff prong. When the hot top hits the magic button, Akira splatters out load number two onto his lean abs. Lying next to the newly-fucked Akira, Ruito sprays his own hot wad with his buddy licking up the splatters.