Akira Takes On Toyosuke

Young and handsome, Toyosuke has blazed a very popular rating around Japanboyz, so time to give you more of what you want. Clad in traditional Japanese robes, horny, ever-ready Akira and Toyosuke start fooling around in bed. Akira works his way down to Toyo’s sensitive nips and perfect straight and stiff cock. Working the head in his talented mouth, Akira gets his new bud hot and raring to get his booty blasted. But Toyosuke wants a taste of Akira’s thick tool first. Opening wide, Toyo slurps Akira’s musky meat down to its fleshy root while the veteran model toys with Toyo’s dick and tightly-packed nutsack.

Kneeling between Toyosuke’s long slender legs, Akira lubes up a finger or two and starts tickling his p-spot. Toyo moans with satisfaction and hunger, so Akira knows it’s time to give him more. Toyo straddles Akira’s hips and positions his fuckbud’s cockhead at the twitching pucker of his butthole. Grinding down, he groans. He bounces his booty onto Akira’s big hard prick and gets his hard-earned rocks off. Akira pulls out and thrusts in with Toyo’s legs wrapped around his waist. It’s getting too hot to hold back as he strokes Toyosuke in perfect rhythm with his own pumping. He pulls out and fires off a creamy stream into Toyo’s face, then Toyo takes his cock into his mouth to taste every last spurt. Closing his eyes dreamily, Toyosuke feels the hot splatter of his cum spurting up from his nuts to his dick and down the long hard shaft, while Akira watches in exhausted satisfaction.